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With “LET GO” Rex and Sandra have set out to create an eclectic and inspirational collection of songs that speak to the soul. “LET GO” takes you on a journey that is compelling, powerful and fun! The beauty of Rex’s music combined with Sandra’s  insightful lyrics is a transformational smorgasbord! Your heart will be soaring and your foot will be tapping while your mind is taken on a roller coaster ride of infinite possibilities. 

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Rex and Sandra play regularly throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond.  

Whether as an intimate duo, a jazz trio, or a rockin' blues band "The Unnamed Band"  Rex and Sandra provide a fun and engaging music experience.

Let Go

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Rex and Sandra can provide 
the size and scope of performance that your venue or event requires, 

Whether your audience wants an intimate dining experience, 
an inspirational concert, or to dance the night away; 
the duo of Rex and Sandra
will deliver a musical experience to remember!

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