Rex Miller and Sandra Cavanaugh

Fantastic performance! A must see Duo ~ 
Thank You for an awesome night of entertainment. 
Kevin McGee

FABULOUS EVENING! You two are the best! 
I can’t wait for that romantic CD!
Sue McCartney

Best, most romantic Valentine’s Day we ever had.
Paul and Alicia Davis

I love to come hear you two! 
You guys are magical and truly a great pair!
Jerrilea Hawkins Archer

Rex and Sandra have been our favorite source of entertainment since we moved to The Treasure Valley five years ago! 
Their music is inspirational and a joy to watch. 
We can't wait until we find out where they're playing next! 
Terry & Patti Kelly

I found the music delightful! The Randy Newman selection and "Summertime" were especially lovely. 
Andrea Harris

I love watching Rex and Sandra perform together!! 
They have an intuitive sense between them on the stage.  
LAnd there's laughter and sweetness, along with some very cool tunes!! 
Rachel Hollander

Sandra’s voice is only equaled by Rex’s exquisite playing! 
Danica Green

As a senior I thoroughly enjoyed the music of Sandra and Rex.  
Our evening at The Gamekeeper was delightful!  
I definitely would recommend them to friends of all ages.
Elsie McGhee

 With Rex and Sandra they are not only talented, but fun! Rex is the consummate pianist and Sandra not only has a beautiful voice, but she really connects with people in any venue!
Ben McDonald

I have to say...you are great performers! 
And you made me feel so welcome.  
In fact, you made everyone feel that way.
You guys... well you guys have swagga! I am a fan! 
David Robling